Porch / Patio Addition Plans

Here is a list of what your plans need to show before applying for permit on your upcoming porch/patio addition.

-Existing Site Plan with Porch Addition Shown

to scale to prove that no easement or building line restriction are being encroached.

-Property Tree Survey and Identification of tree

types and size, as some trees might have to be protected during the construction of your patio.

-Existing Elevations and Proposed Elevations, these might also have to be submitted to your HOA for approval even before submitting to the city, some HOA's will want to know that you are using the required materials and style that goes order to protect the value of the neighborhood.

-Existing Roof Plan and Proposed Roof Plan, the material selection if the roof will also be subject to approval of the HOA.

-Electrical Layout if any electrical will be needed on the porch such as plugs, fans, switches

outlets, always make sure to hire a licensed contractor for this trade as he will need to pull a permit for this part of the work.

-Framing Plan with engineering stamp, the framing stamp needs to approve the framing layout and foundation if one will be poured for the addition.

This is a list of what the plans should have before submittal, some other pages might be required depending on the project, and of course then comes the permit application form from the city.

Visit our website if you need help with these process.

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This is a common question I get from realtor investors and homeowners, and my response to that is a resounding YES. Here are five reasons why having plans for your project is a wise investment.

1) Renovation plans with a comprehensive scope of work can help the contractors bid more accurately.

2) Having a good set of plans that display the final planned floor plan will save you a lot time explaining it to every contractor over and over again.

3) Reduces the number of contractors' change orders. When they don't have any plans, they are most likely to overlook thinks to bid on due to miscommunication. These change orders will raise your numbers and probably cause you to loose money.

4) Demolition work, removing interior walls, relocating windows, and most other construction work required city approval. Many homeowners renovate their homes without getting approvals because they believe no one would notice. The issue with this is that you could be jeopardizing the structural integrity of your house by not obtaining an engineer letter or plan approving the construction. Realtors tend to be a little different; they can do the construction work without permits as well, but once the inspector comes around and sees that the house has been fully remodeled, they will ask you to submit a set of plans for permitting.

5) Spend money up front in order to save money later. A set of plans allows you and the contractors to provide feedback on best construction techniques, materials, and potential problems that could arise during the construction process.

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People who spend much time in the kitchen planning meals, storing food, cooking and serving, and cleaning after meals. First of all, the kitchen should be easy to work in, conventionally located, and pleasant in appearance to make these tasks no more difficult than necessary. Unlike furniture, kitchen cabinets, and appliances cannot be rearranged by pushing them around to rectify planning errors. The kitchen can be placed at the front of the house, to be close to the garage and front door or they can be placed in the back, to be accessible to outdoor eating and play areas.

Kitchens serve various purposes besides food preparation, many are design to furnish room for snacking and informal meals. Other incorporate informal living and play areas for children. Some are even combined with entertainment centers. Many individuals, on the other hand, prefer a completely independent kitchen that can be closed off from other areas when cooking and eating are completed.

The layout of the actual work center in the kitchen deserves careful attention. The basic activity of this area is controlled largely by the placement of the sink, the cooking unit, and the refrigerator. If we were to connect these three major appliances with a triangle on the plan, it would represent the bulk of the travel within the kitchen; it compromises what is known as the work triangle. Keep the perimeter of this triangle from 12' to 20' in length if you want an efficient kitchen; if it becomes longer, a re-arrangement of the basic appliances should be made.

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