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Ready to build on your lot? Read this checklist and find out.

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Lot Survey - A Professional Land Surveyor must prepare the land survey and should include some or all of the items below, depending on your specific project.

  • Building Setbacks.

  • Utility Easements

  • Utility Meters ( Electrical, Water, or Gas ), if any exist. The Survey should show the nearest electrical pole and, if any exist, the overhead electrical lines.

  • Existing conditions if the lot was purchased with an existing structure/s.

  • Trees - depending on the size of the lot, the Survey will need to show all or some of the protected trees that will be affected by the construction.

  • Topography- It's a must-have if your lot has a steep rising or falling slope and will affect the home's design.

If your Survey shows all or most of these items, you are ready to start the design process.

Quick CAD Drafting and Design is here to help with your design needs; schedule a consultation for a free quote.

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