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What do you need before adding a patio/porch ?

Porch / Patio Addition Plans

Here is a list of what your plans need to show before applying for permit on your upcoming porch/patio addition.

-Existing Site Plan with Porch Addition Shown

to scale to prove that no easement or building line restriction are being encroached.

-Property Tree Survey and Identification of tree

types and size, as some trees might have to be protected during the construction of your patio.

-Existing Elevations and Proposed Elevations, these might also have to be submitted to your HOA for approval even before submitting to the city, some HOA's will want to know that you are using the required materials and style that goes order to protect the value of the neighborhood.

-Existing Roof Plan and Proposed Roof Plan, the material selection if the roof will also be subject to approval of the HOA.

-Electrical Layout if any electrical will be needed on the porch such as plugs, fans, switches

outlets, always make sure to hire a licensed contractor for this trade as he will need to pull a permit for this part of the work.

-Framing Plan with engineering stamp, the framing stamp needs to approve the framing layout and foundation if one will be poured for the addition.

This is a list of what the plans should have before submittal, some other pages might be required depending on the project, and of course then comes the permit application form from the city.

Visit our website if you need help with these process.

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