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People who spend much time in the kitchen planning meals, storing food, cooking and serving, and cleaning after meals. First of all, the kitchen should be easy to work in, conventionally located, and pleasant in appearance to make these tasks no more difficult than necessary. Unlike furniture, kitchen cabinets, and appliances cannot be rearranged by pushing them around to rectify planning errors. The kitchen can be placed at the front of the house, to be close to the garage and front door or they can be placed in the back, to be accessible to outdoor eating and play areas.

Kitchens serve various purposes besides food preparation, many are design to furnish room for snacking and informal meals. Other incorporate informal living and play areas for children. Some are even combined with entertainment centers. Many individuals, on the other hand, prefer a completely independent kitchen that can be closed off from other areas when cooking and eating are completed.

The layout of the actual work center in the kitchen deserves careful attention. The basic activity of this area is controlled largely by the placement of the sink, the cooking unit, and the refrigerator. If we were to connect these three major appliances with a triangle on the plan, it would represent the bulk of the travel within the kitchen; it compromises what is known as the work triangle. Keep the perimeter of this triangle from 12' to 20' in length if you want an efficient kitchen; if it becomes longer, a re-arrangement of the basic appliances should be made.

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