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Bedrooms Are Private Spaces

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Bedrooms are private areas generally occupied by one or two people. North, East, Or South exposures are mainly desirable for bedrooms. Bedrooms on the North are usually cooler. The morning sun will brighten a bedroom with windows towards the east. A South exposure will allow the sun to warm the room during the winter months. Due to the high temperatures and direct solar radiation from the afternoon sun in the summer, it is not desirable to place bedrooms on the west. Bedrooms should be isolated from noise-producing conditions, cars, play areas, entertaining rooms, etc. If possible, use closets for sound barrier walls a closet full of clothes is the simplest method of preventing sound transmission between rooms. Closets and bathrooms should be easily accessible to bedrooms. A suitable space near the closets will serve as a convenient dressing area yet still offer access to the bed and other major furnishings.

Next time you are sitting in your bedroom think about this and try to find out how the design could have been better.

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