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4 Steps Towards Home Addition Permits

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Home Additions often increase the value of a property, and could also serve as a secondary dwell unit that creates income for the owner. If you are thinking about an addition to your property, the list below can help you prepare the right documentation for your application permit.

STEP 1: Plat Plan/ Survey Plan

All homeowners are provided with a plat plan at the time of acquiring their home. Ask your surveyor company to included the impervious coverage calculations. If you are aware of any additions not shown on your survey plan, ask the surveyor to updated your survey to the latest conditions of your home.

STEP 2: Architectural Plans

In order to design your home addition and then build a set of plans

ready for permit submissions, QuickCAD Drafting and Desing will meet and discuss your ideas.

We will display the proposed position of the project using the Plat Plan

given by the client, this is a MUST HAVE before submission of the application.

STEP 3: Structural Engineers Plan

The engineer would have to generate the structural plans that include

the Foundation Plan and Framing Plan based on the architectural drawings.

These come with the engineer being paid an additional fee.

STEP 4: Application Submittal

When you have these documents together you are ready

to start with the city to begin your application.

Go to your city's official website

and search for the Planning Department.

Through each step, we can support you

QuickCAD Drafting and Design

For a free quote, give us a call.

Phone: 512-822-5143


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